If you intend to leave the UK or have already left, you could get money back in the form of a tax rebate

TaxDay specialise in helping British and non-British nationals get a tax refund from HMRC when they leave the UK or if they have already left.

We also help individuals comply with HMRC’s requirements when it comes to filling all relevant official forms and documents to do with UK tax.

Getting a tax refund from HMRC and putting your tax affairs in order could be a tricky business. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may have to fill in several sets of forms, communicate with the tax office and chase them up to get your refund - all time-consuming and confusing activities if you're not familiar with the UK tax system.

Don’t worry, TaxDay’s Tax advisors are here to help! What makes us so different from other tax agents operating in the UK is that we employ real Tax advisors, not salespeople. Our fees are transparent and among the most competitive in the industry. Choose TaxDay if you need an expert tax agent you can trust!

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What our clients say

Thanks for your help with getting my tax back, I certainly would have struggled to do so without your help. You were prompt with emailing and I received my money when you said I would.
Alisa (Australia)
I would like to give TaxDay Ltd a big "Thank You" for sorting out my tax return refund for me. The service was amazing, so fast and easy. Received form, filled it in sent it back to them and within 14 days the money was in my account. The people I spoke to over the phone where so friendly and helpful I would encourage others to use TaxDay Ltd for their tax refunds. Excellent service all round. Well done, TaxDay, keep up the good work!
Angela (Spain)
I had my tax refund arranged with TaxDay. They were helpful and efficient, and despite the Holiday season I got my tax refund fairly quickly. I can only recommend them.
Csillaver (Hungary)
Very professional and helpful service.
Sarah (Australia)
I was very happy with your service. Emails were always replied to promptly, and I was updated with any progress throughout the process. Was very happy with the refund received!
Matthew (New Zealand)
I was really impressed with the service offered. I found it to be very efficient. I was well informed of the process and where I stood with my refund. Thank you for the reliable and efficient service!
Naseema Parker (South Africa)
I was impressed with the service and speed that my claim was dealt with. Thank you.
Edison Pontes (Brazil)
Very happy with the service and support provided by the TaxDay staff. They adequately kept me informed with my tax rebate process. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend anybody to start their claim with TaxDay. A big thank you to Akanki for her outstanding professionalism and correspondence!
Sonia Serin (Australia)
Everything was very easy and far from a hassle and you were really helpful.
Beatriz Jimenez (Spain)
The whole process was quick and easy.
Joshua Warren (New Zealand)
It was great working with you on my tax refund case. I had immediate response in my correspondence every time I needed to write or e-mail to you. There were never any delays in submitting any documents regarding my claim. When it happened to have questions about something I had the answers I needed and explanations about the procedure that was followed. I also found the people in TaxDay to have a nice approach and being well mannered. Great team and great results. I would definitely recommend TaxDay to anyone that wants to claim a tax refund. Thanks TaxDay, Thanks Akanki!
Dimitris Kokkinidis (Dubai)
TaxDay were a great option for sorting out my tax return after leaving the UK. Easy process and the forms to fill out were very manageable. After a short wait the cash showed up. Too easy!
Allen (New Zealand)

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We’d love to hear from you! You can drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us on 01634 812 228 and one of our consultants will assist you with a free no obligation assessment of your case.

Why use TaxDay?

In short, we’ll save you time and money because...

  • We are a duly registered tax agent with HMRC
  • Free assessment - We’ll first tell you if you have a case for a tax refund or not
  • We are real Tax advisors, you will maximise your chances of a refund
  • Our paperwork is quick and easy to complete
  • We’ll automatically check if you overpaid income tax in the last 4 tax years
  • We’ll follow your claim from start to finish
  • We have daily contacts with HMRC and use especially dedicated agent phone lines not available to the general public
  • We’ll keep you regularly updated with your claim and any other info that HMRC may be requesting

TaxDay has already helped hundreds of individuals across all continents in successfully obtaining a UK tax refund when returning to their home country:

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Why Use TaxDay?

In short, we’ll save you time and money because...

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