HMRC faisl to answer more than a quarter of calls

BBC News reported last week that HMRC fails to answer more than a quarter of phone calls. “Of the calls made to HMRC last year, 7.2 million were met with a busy tone”, the article goes on to say.

This follows yesterday’s HMRC’s press announcement that £45 million is to be allocated towards the improvement of customer service. This put a clever positive spin on their under-par level of customer service highlighted the publication of their call handling statistics, Add a comment

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TaxDay is now actively focussing on the "Leaving the UK" tax rebates

TaxDay is now focussing on tax rebates for taxpayers (British and non-British) who are leaving the UK or have already left.

As a company, TaxDay forecast growth in the “Leaving the UK” tax refund sector and more than ever, we are determined to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

TaxDays’ strategic repositioning in the tax rebate sector seeks to cater primarily for: Add a comment

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Trusting a tax agent could help you reclaim any overpaid tax

On 14th July 2012, newspapers reported that cabinet ministers have suggested that HM Revenue & Customs overtax people intentionally as a way of making them feel "great".

Their skewed logic is that tax payers would feel a sense of contentment when they successfully reclaim their overpaid tax from HMRC. The big flaw in that view, of course, is that in many cases people don't get their overpayment of income tax refunded to them.

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The Chancellor, George Osborne, delivered his Budget today – his last before the May general election. Although it gave him a chance to break the current political stalemate and gain ground over the other political parties, his hands were already tied by his pledge that there would be “No giveaways, no gimmicks”.

This pledge came despite calls from business support groups for the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) to become permanent so that businesses could invest with confidence. John...

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Why you could be due a tax refund if you lost your job

Take the sting out of losing your job!

TaxDay find that many people who contact us do not realise that if they are made redundant (or are out of work for a certain period of time after leaving employment), they may be entitled to claim overpaid tax back.

In some cases, they may also be entitled to claiming tax relief for certain expenditure associated with their employment - past or current, which could help in reducing the amount of tax you should pay.

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Employees seconded to work in the UK can claim a significant tax rebate from HMRC.

If you were seconded to work in the UK branch or subsidiary of an overseas company, you could be due a significant tax rebate. If this is your case, here’s a quick guide to help you claim back from HMRC the portion of income tax that you may have overpaid during your secondment.

What does “secondment” mean?

A secondment is where an employee temporarily transfers to another job for a defined period of time and for a specific purpose.

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Get help with your self assessment tax return

One of the most common misconceptions about self assessment is that you don’t really need an accountant or a tax agent to file a tax return.

After all, it is called "self assessment", and on their website HMRC give in-depth guides and information to help tax payers complete their tax returns. Therefore, it is quite legitimately that many self employed individuals would choose to file their tax returns on their own, as per their prerogative.

But is DYI a false economy when it comes to self assessment?

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Tax advice for British emigrating abroad

Government figures revealed in a House of Commons debate in January 2014 showed that around 2.2 million Brits emigrated to the EU since 2010. There are just as many UK citizens living in the EU than EU migrants coming to the UK, which proves that immigration is not a two-way street, contrary to a popular misconception. Real numbers could be even higher as many expats do not register with the British consulate in their new country of residence.

If you are planning on emigrating abroad, what steps should you take to ensure that you do not overlook your tax obligations and fall foul of Mr Taxman?

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Reasons why you should complete a tax return

If you are self employed, you probably already know that you are required by law to complete a tax return on a yearly basis. However, HMRC may also require the completion of a tax return from individuals who are not self employed.

By law, you MUST complete a tax return and pay any income tax and any additional national insurance contributions that may become due if you are:

  • A sole trader
  • A partner in a business partnership
  • A company director (unless it's for a non-profit organisation (like a charity) and do not receive income or payment for expenses (like a company car or travel expenses)
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Non-UK Nationals who leave the UK could be entitled to claim a UK tax rebate

If you worked in the UK and decided to return to your home country until at least the end of the tax year, did you know you could actually claim back some UK tax in the form of a tax rebate? Many non-UK Nationals can actually claim back significant amount of money in overpaid tax.

Whether you worked in the UK for a few months or a few years, here’s a short guide to help you understand what you are entitled to by law.

Lets’ first debunk a few myths…

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A guide to understanding income tax

Income tax is applied in different ways, depending on the actual income source. Here's a precis on how income tax may affect you...

Each year the government assesses your taxable income and applies the applicable tax rates to calculate the amount of income tax you should pay.

If you are employed, you would normally be charged income tax "at source", which means that your employer automatically deducts the income tax from your pay check and repay it to HMRC, so you don't have to physically send payment to HMRC. Add a comment

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