TaxDay is now actively focussing on the "Leaving the UK" tax rebates

TaxDay is now focussing on tax rebates for taxpayers (British and non-British) who are leaving the UK or have already left.

As a company, TaxDay forecast growth in the “Leaving the UK” tax refund sector and more than ever, we are determined to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

TaxDays’ strategic repositioning in the tax rebate sector seeks to cater primarily for:

Tax refunds for British citizens and non-British nationals leaving the UK is to become the company’s core business, leaving the Expenses tax rebates for mechanics and mileage claims to our sister company, TaxRefundPro.

We see the fact that we employ real accountants with years of experience in this specialist market as a clear differentiator between TaxDay and many other providers, and we hope that the public will realise it is better to use a real expert when it comes to trust a company with their personal tax affairs.

As well as professional expertise, TaxDay’s extremely competitive price structure is also designed to offer outstanding value – our standard rate is just 15% of the tax rebate value, subject to a minimum £49 charge (only £99 for self assessment cases). We looked around in the industry and we couldn’t find a competitor that would offer the same quality of service for such minimal rates!

With real experts among our staff and really attractive rates, TaxDay aim at making tax rebates simple and efficient.

Are you leaving the UK or have you already left in the last 4 years? You could be entitled to a significant UK tax rebate! Don’t miss out, chat with one of our experts for a free confidential assessment of your case: 01634 812228 or dowenload one of our Tax Packs.

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