HMRC faisl to answer more than a quarter of calls

BBC News reported last week that HMRC fails to answer more than a quarter of phone calls. “Of the calls made to HMRC last year, 7.2 million were met with a busy tone”, the article goes on to say.

This follows yesterday’s HMRC’s press announcement that £45 million is to be allocated towards the improvement of customer service. This put a clever positive spin on their under-par level of customer service highlighted the publication of their call handling statistics, which you can read here.

While HMRC’s Chief Executive Lin Homer acknowledged that the level of customer service had not been “up to scratch”, she renewed the Revenue’s pledge to reach its self imposed target of answering 80% of calls. Whether HMRC’s performance will improve as a result and in what measure, only time will tell...

HMRC’s poor record of customer service is nothing new, alas, and it doesn’t actually come to a surprise to most tax professionals. TaxDay know from experience that HMRC regularly experience serious back logs with tax refund claims. We’re also no stranger to being put on hold on the agents’ dedicated phone lines for many wasted minutes. In fact, we can reveal that HMRC is currently trying to catch up with cases dating back to November 2014! Not only this creates frustration for many taxpayers waiting for their tax refunds to be paid out, it also adds extra pressure to tax professionals having to explain to their clients why claims are taking so long to get sorted out.

Despite this situation, we can assure our clients that we at TaxDay are doing everything in our power to minimise claim waiting times as much as it is humanly possible – but ultimately we are subject to HMRC’s own timescales...

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