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You could be due a tax rebate if you overpay tax in the tax year. Still, the majority of people is ignorant of that fact. Here are the top 7 reasons why you might be due a UK tax rebate.

Because some of the processes involved could actually prove quite complex if you are not familiar or up-to-date with the UK tax system, we can assist you with calculating the tax refund due back to you and submit a tax rebate claim to HMRC, on your behalf.

The most common reasons for receiving a tax refund are:

  • You work in healthcare, education, or you’re a mechanic/technician, and you have to incur professional expenses necessary for your job, for which you haven’t been reimbursed by your employer or not in FULL
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Get free advice on self assessment

Although employees pay their income tax and National Insurance Contributions under the PAYE (‘Pay As You Earn’) tax system (where the tax is automatically deducted at source from their gross income by their employer), million of other individuals have to complete a yearly tax return via self assessment.

This is because HMRC request that that they file a Self Assessment tax return, so they can actually ‘self assess’ the amount of income tax and National Insurance Contributions they will need to pay. If this is your case, completing a tax return becomes a mandatory requirement that cannot be ignored as hefty penalties are automatically applied by HMRC when tax returns are not completed within stipulated deadlines.

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